The mission of the Bethesda Foundation is to support health related activities within the geographic area served by the original Bethesda Hospital.

Enhancing Health Care in the Hornell Area with Financial Assistance

Members of the Bethesda Foundation Board of Directors attending the Foundation’s June meeting admire the Bethesda Foundation’s new sign outside Bethesda offices at the southwest corner of the Bethesda Drive/Cleveland Avenue intersection in North Hornell. Left to Right: Barb Terry, Alice Allen, Lynn Blades, Barb Arnault, Mary Huntington, Pat Horey, Bill Mombert, Duane Heineman, Dave Kilgore, Jack Morris, Al Monaghan, Phil Loree, Jack Prior, and Fred Marks.


The Bethesda Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to the funding and support of health related projects and scholarships in the Hornell Area. It was created in 1986 after the Bethesda Hospital closed in 1985. The income from the funds realized from the sale of assets of the Bethesda Hospital is used to help non-profit agencies furnish health related services to the population within the geographical area previously served by the Bethesda Hospital.

Bethesda Foundation President's Report - January 25, 2012

2011 has been a year of transition and transformation with a new president, a new VP, a new Secretary and a new Exec. Director and 6 new Board members. In other words new faces made up 25% of the Board elected in January 2011. With these new faces came different approaches and different emphases in the way the Foundation conducts its business. For instance, at the Board level there was greater insistence that grantees account for the details of how grant money was spent. Another example: the Board was increasingly reluctant to honor requests for partial funding of larger projects. Of course there are always some exceptions. The most notable during 2011 was the goggles for Mercy Flight. Incidentally, our $5000 grant won us special mention in the Democrat & Chronicle article reporting on the Mercy Flight project.